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Resolve connects Sellers, Brokers and Buyers to make business ownership easier & more efficient to exchange.


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lead managementFindBrowse and be matched with businesses that meet your needs. Create a buying profile that connects you with potential matches.

marketplaceConnectEngage directly with Resolve and the business Broker to answer your questions, evaluate financials and key criteria securely online.

deal platformDealSecure data room to access deal documents, live chat between Broker and Buyer(s) and faciliate the deal wherever you are.

Selling a business in Australia — why Resolve is the ideal marketplaceSelling a business the traditional way can be fraught with unforeseen challenges. Resolve's marketplace streamlines the complex process, making it more accessible to connect potential buyers with sellers before facilitating a transaction.Resolve provides you with an innovative, easy-to-navigate platform to list your business to buyers who are ready to tap into real growth.

Capture a buyer's attention in one central business marketplaceAs a seller, you provide a general overview of your business, including its industry, revenue, average share value and other profitable areas you wish to highlight.Interested buyers will then submit an online enquiry and the seller will provide them with relevant documentation to analyse and assess the business in greater detail. Once a seller is matched with a buyer, all communication, from initial enquiries to direct messages, is monitored and managed by Resolve's licenced business sales professionals, ensuring all data is protected and secure.s

Create your Resolve account and sell your Australian business todayWhat sets Resolve apart is that we are the only digital marketplace providing a centralised location to connect relevant buyers with sellers, helping to facilitate the transaction process through an innovative platform that supports better workflow and communication.If you're looking for a trusted partner to guide you through the selling process, create a Resolve account today. Any questions about our platform or services should be directed to our contact page.

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