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Learning Centre Business in NSW


This education business specialises in Montessori education methods. This learning centre was established to put research theories into cognition and brain learning into practice. The business offers strategically designed textbooks aligned with the Australian curriculum for primary and high school subjects, along with a problem-solving teaching methodology. The centre also develops selective, scholarship, and OC textbooks based on Cognitive Load theory. With its unique learning approach, the learning centre consistently achieves excellent results, earning numerous state and national awards. The business's success lies in its philosophy rooted in cognition and education research. By utilising proven methods, theory, and online platforms, the learning centre aims to expand its reach and impact on more students, both in-person and online.

  • Currently accepting E.O.I
  • High retention rate
  • Averaging 330+ students per term
  • Systems and contracts in place
  • Majority of students are on yearly subscription
  • Approx. $5k average contribution per student
  • Established franchising/licensing model to rollout with strong potential income
  • Proprietary CRM is on offer
  • Operates 4 weekdays and Saturdays
  • Strong revenue growth rate
  • Full range of service from pre-kindergarten to year 12
  • Trademark curriculum, researched based textbooks and teaching methodology to offer
  • Award-winning business on a state and national level
  • Offers in-person and online classes
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